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– Hilary Potts

The Truth About Change: An Interview by Jasbindar Singh

The speed of change in this 24/7 society can be overwhelming and confusing. It doesn’t have to be. Jasbindar Singh and I met to discuss why leading change is so difficult, what many executives miss, and how to take accountability for your actions. If you don’t want to…

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Keep Your Finger On the Pulse of Progress

Time gets away from us. The calendar is overflowing with meetings. How can we find time for others when we struggle to find a moment for ourselves? We fear that if we get connected, we will get pulled into too many issues. We convince ourselves that the townhalls,…

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Leadership: How to Step Up and Into Organizational Change

The speed of change in this 24/7 society can be overwhelming and confusing. It doesn’t have to be. I am delighted to share this interview by Jasbindar Singh regarding my new book; The Truth About Change. Jasbindar works with executives to sharpen their “leadership…

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Release of New Book! “The Truth About Change”

Too many leaders and companies struggle to execute the very changes that will enhance the business.  Without a doubt, in these dynamic times, leaders need hope — and help. Leaders need a way to close the gap between strategy and results. By engaging people in the…

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What’s the Truth About Leading Change?

In these transformative times, the status quo can be  a death sentence to a business. Change is essential for any leader looking to advance and deliver top performance. I have personally led and experienced both successful and failed initiatives. I have been honored…

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9 Ways to Stay Energized in Life and Work

As the year wears on, my clients and colleagues tell me how busy and consumed they are with work. Healthy New Year’s Resolutions were abandoned ages ago, replaced with a pile of work and no end in sight. Healthy habits, what healthy habits? It’s survival mode. The…

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Build Confidence on the Fly

We’ve all had those situations that take us out of our comfort zone. Our heart starts to beat a bit faster. Our breathing gets shallow, and we may even begin to sweat. Those circumstances where deep inside something is telling us to be alert.  We sense we aren’t…

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Leaving a Legacy Through Daily Actions

When people inspire us, we learn and grow. It could be someone we know or someone we admire from afar. They make it look easy and seem to thrive in what’s chaos for most of us. Their actions leave an impression and a legacy for us to follow. I know, Legacy sounds like…

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The Untapped Frontiers of a New Assignment

Every time I read one of John O’Donohue’s poems, I get inspired. His words of wisdom energize and urge me on to bring more of myself to the many roles in my life. It’s too easy to jump in and charge ahead and forget to stop and smell the roses. This may sound so…

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How to Fit In

It’s the cultural and emotional intelligence that can blindside leaders entering new roles. This is what happened to George who found himself out of a job after the first 15-months. George is a hard charging, passionate, results-focused executive. He’d worked at many…

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Want Results? Slow Down

The adrenaline rush and sense of urgency of a new role can be intoxicating. Others are counting on you to deliver results. It feels like the clock is ticking and you must do something fast. If you’re not careful, that same passion can blur your vision of what’s really…

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Unlock the Opportunity Through Others

Are you so focused on the end result that you are charging ahead, assuming everyone is with you? Before you find yourself all alone, here are simple steps to lead through even the trickiest situations:     Help others see “why”  the change is important to make Set…

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Why Should Others Follow You?

What steps are you taking so others “want to” follow you versus feel like they “have to” follow you? Could you be spending too much time on the business content and not enough time coaching, and leading others? Are you working too much “in” the business and not enough…

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Sidestep Four Impediments to Learning

“The capacity to learn is a gift. The ability to learn is a skill. The willingness to learn is a choice.” Brian Herbert There is a ton of pressure to perform in a new or expanded role. It can be tempting for leaders to dive in and start making decisions without fully…

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Better Conversations: 5 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd

Too often I see leaders “wing” initial conversations. Later on, they struggle with the crucial conversations required to achieve results. Better conversations build credibility, trust, and respect which lead to better business decisions. Don’t leave your conversations…

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