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Nothing is really constant, so why should your leadership be the same from role to role?

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, working in the same old ways only to find the approach is no longer effective. Entering a new role isn’t the time to get complacent or assume your current approach will fit the new position. As your role changes, so should your leadership.

Go beyond the obvious. It’s the subtle shifts in leadership behaviors that can have a huge impact on the business outcomes. Achieving results start with your words and actions which can have a significant impact on what others will say and do.

Refresh and enhance your assessing the four components of a Personal SWOT Analysis.

Strengths: What are your strengths that you rely on make successful contributions? What do others count on you to do better than anyone else?

Weaknesses: What are your vulnerabilities or those tasks you usually avoid?

Opportunities: What new trends or opportunities do you see that would contribute to your own personal growth?

Threats: How might the changing work environment intimidate you? Could any of your strengths or weaknesses lead to potential threats?

If you get stuck, ask someone who’s worked with you to share feedback and ideas.

Based on your personal assessment, ask yourself:

What needs to change? What do I need to start doing?

Now’s the time to elevate your leadership. For instance, if you adjusted the words and tone of your message, would others feel more empowered to take action?

What actions no longer serve me that I need to stop doing?

Make space for new behaviors to emerge by shedding some of those old work habits. Catch yourself as you fall back into old patterns, and consider delegating the work to others.

What are a few key behaviors that I want to continue doing?

There are probably a few tried and true behaviors that will continue to be highly effective in the new situation. Maybe you are a terrific listener or provide clear, inspiring feedback to others. Identify those few behaviors that in any situation allow you and others to shine.

New situations require new leadership approaches.

An entry into a new assignment or any major change in job scope is a good time to assess your leadership and make the necessary enhancements.

What can you do to stay fresh and at your best?