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Release of New Book! “The Truth About Change”

Release of New Book! “The Truth About Change”

Too many leaders and companies struggle to execute the very changes that will enhance the business. 

Without a doubt, in these dynamic times, leaders need hope — and help. Leaders need a way to close the gap between strategy and results. By engaging people in the right way, people want to be part of the solution versus feeling they have to comply. There is a power of understanding the dynamics of change which opens new doors to engagement. When leaders create the environment where people want to be part of the change everyone benefits.

My new book, The Truth About Change shares practical insights and guides leaders to accelerate successful change initiatives, now and in the future. The book provides ways for leaders to bring their best self to leading change to:

  • Organize and energize an organization’s greatest asset — human capital
  • Gain agreement and support, and overcome resistance from day one
  • Create a culture of engagement, accountability, and productivity
  • Unite and inspire others to work and think in the “new way”

Successfully leading change creates healthy businesses and provides the competitive advantage to bringing the best products and services to market. The Truth About Change lays out a path for leaders to navigate the challenges typically associated with new and different solutions.  You can find The Truth About Change: A Leader’s Guide to Successfully Executing Change Initiatives on

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Special thanks to all those who have been a part of getting the word out so that leaders across the globe can be more conscious about how they show up to lead change. What leaders do and say matters. How leaders convey messages and how they engage people makes a huge difference to bring positive change.

To leading change with excellence.

What’s the Truth About Leading Change?

What’s the Truth About Leading Change?

In these transformative times, the status quo can be  a death sentence to a business. Change is essential for any leader looking to advance and deliver top performance.

I have personally led and experienced both successful and failed initiatives. I have been honored to work with top leaders of global companies and iconic brands, each trying to create a “secret sauce” to bring products and services to market. Through my own experiences and significant strategic engagements, I have learned some consistent truths about change, regardless of the type of company, the industry, or location. I want to share these truths with you.

Truth: Leaders who know how to navigate and lead change have a competitive advantage that enables them to reap the rewards in increased revenue and profits. Unfortunately, most leaders, while constantly initiating change, admit they are not very good at actually leading change.

Truth: If you want a different outcome, you must change what you and your people do. Everyone – from the C-Suite to the person in the field – has a role to play. But often people want the benefits of the change, without being changed. People rarely agree, accept, or adopt a new way merely by being told to “do it.”

Truth: Change requires people who are ready, willing, and able to make the change. If you want the business to achieve its full potential, you need to find ways to engage your people and your organization quickly in working in the new way. You can spend millions on a business solution, but if you can’t get people to use the system or deploy the strategy, you will not achieve the results you want.

Truth: Change initiatives are people intensive, and learning a new set of behaviors takes time. You can accelerate the change with the right reinforcement systems and behavioral engagement plans. Regrettably, too many leaders shy away from the human side of change; they find it easier to focus on the business plan tactics.

Truth: Leaders talk about what others need to do differently, but often don’t realize that change starts with themselves. It’s easy for you to forget you’ve been working on the strategic initiative for weeks and months, familiarizing yourself with the design and business plan. Once the initiative is announced, you expect people to jump into action. Too frequently, the people don’t understand the change or know what they should do. They feel overwhelmed and undersupported; they may do the wrong things, or not act at all.

At a loss of where to start?

Change starts with you. Knowing what needs to be accomplished, why it’s important beyond just the dollars and cents and how you plan to engage the hearts, hands, and heads of your fellow colleagues to want to change versus merely complying with your request.

For more insights about leading change, pick up a copy of my book “The Truth About Change” on Amazon and visit my website at

How to Make Change Your Friend

How to Make Change Your Friend

“The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

– Socrates

As companies work to stay competitive and profitable, the amount of change will continue to increase. Make change your friend versus your enemy.

Implementing change takes everyone on the team doing something different to achieve the desired result. This places tremendous stress to juggle many things at once. We actually can only do one thing at a time; so learning how to prioritize and cope is essential.

Change starts with our individual actions which require us to be willing to make the changes. Sometimes we are able to make the shifts fairly easily and sometimes even the smallest of changes can feel awkward and uncomfortable. We then start to question and resist the change saying…

“This isn’t right. It’s uncomfortable. I don’t have time. My clients come first. What if I fail?”

To manage the transition from the old way to the new way starts by getting personally prepared to handle the challenges that lie ahead. It means understanding and accepting the change and determining how to lead ourselves through this transition.

Here are questions to help you get prepared to navigate through the change.

  1. Why are we making this change and how will it help our business, customers, associates and you?
  2. What are the preconceived notions I have about how the change will impact the business, organization, culture, process, or people? Are these notions true or are they hindering my ability to contribute?
  3. How can I best contribute? What are 3-5 specific goals I wish to accomplish in the transition period to successful shift from the current state to the new way?
  4. What are my leadership strengths and vulnerabilities that will help or hinder my change effectiveness? What leadership skills are required to effectively lead myself and others through this change? What will it take to bring my best self to navigating this change?
  5. Who are the key people important to implementing the change and how can they help?
  6. How will I measure the success of this transition? How will I know I am successful?

Find your way to lead yourself to change recognizing as Robin Sharma says;

Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end.”

Be willing to step out of your comfort zone to achieve better results.

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As a leadership strategist, author and consultant I am sought after to enable leaders and their teams to successfully navigate change to achieve the intended business outcomes. I can be reached at Visit

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