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Get More Out of Meetings

Get More Out of Meetings

Meetings are so prevalent these days that it’s easy to get caught up moving from meeting to meeting only to find basic participation principles get cast aside and replaced with meeting survival techniques. Good meeting manners are simple, right? So why are basic meeting participation principles often ignored?

No excuse but people are on meeting overload and find it difficult to adequately prepare for all the interactions. Poor group dynamics and diverging opinions when not properly addressed silence and wear people down. Worse yet, participants sit watching the clock waiting for the meeting to be over only to move on to another meeting. Inconsistent participation contributes to lost productivity ultimately impacting things like customer satisfaction, engagement, revenues, and profits.

It’s in vogue today to reduce the number of meetings in the spirit of being more productive. To do that, the meetings that are left need to be run effectively and efficiently. As a meeting participant you might not have control over the agenda; however, you are accountable for your meeting behaviors.

If you were to rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest, how would you rate your meeting participation? Instead of waiting for meetings to “entertain” you, it’s time to play your part.

Successful meetings have a cadence and a flow. Not only does there need to be solid planning and presentation of the topics, it requires participants to contribute in the preparation, meeting discussions and follow through.

Learn more about how you can get more out of the meetings you attend.

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