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Leader transitions can be a significant distraction to the business if not managed properly. So often, executives assume they know how to transition and jump head first into the new role to make their mark. The first 100 days are critical. Knowing how to navigate this short period of time makes the difference between success and failure, Unfortunately many leaders assume they know what to do. Could this be why over 50% of executives fail within the first two years of a new assignment?

Executive transitions are an excellent time for a leader to reflect on how they lead and what changes are required to perform in the new role. We work with leaders to strategically assess the business, take a fresh eye view before adjusting the business levers. We create a Leader Transition Roadmap to chart the course and match leadership behaviors to the business requirements.

Our simple 100 day Leadership Transition Roadmap outlines a way for leaders to gather, learn and assess the business, to create meaningful relationships, and assimilate with the new team. Additionally, we work with the executive to identify areas where the leader can upgrade their leadership. It is busy time so creating personal balance and daily practice is a must to stay energized and fresh.

Whether you are transitioning to a new company or are promoted from within, this is a valuable time to leverage fresh thinking and ideas. It starts with you.